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Feed your horse the way nature intended

A flake of hay every few hours

Reduce the risk of equine gastric ulcer syndrome, equine colic, and equine metabolic syndrome

The problem

Over many millennia, horses have become accustomed to eating small quantities of food every few hours. When this natural pattern is disrupted, they can suffer silently. Over 50% of horses have equine gastric ulcer syndrome, which is often undiagnosed. Non-natural feeding can also increase the risk of equine colic, insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome, and directly correlate to behavioral and physiological issues. Learn more about equine digestive health.

The solution

For your horse

The solution is simple. The Haytime automatic hay feeder from Jigs & Co. will drop a flake of hay every few hours. Your horse eats a controlled amount of hay, with no obstructions, and with a natural feeding position, which reduces the risk of equine digestive health issues. 

And for you

Haytime gives you both flexibility and time back. No more getting up in the middle of the night, rushing home, or hiring someone to feed your horse. After a feeding, Haytime automatically delivers the next two feedings one flake at a time, giving you 12 hours of coverage. 

And Haytime gives you peace of mind and comfort, knowing your horse is fed as nature intended. Reduce the risk your horse having digestive health problems that can be devastating emotionally and financially for you and your family.

  • Two bins that each hold a flake of hay

  • No sharp corners

  • Strong! Your horse will not damage it

  • Bottom doors open to release the hay

  • Automatic and adjustable timed release

  • Durable and safe

  • Battery operated

  • Easy to install, easy to run

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