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The Story of Amanda and Jigs

Since she was a teenager, Amanda owned and rode Jigs competitively. Her love for Jigs, and all horses, pushed her to become a competitive dressage rider, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and a practicing veterinarian. 

When Jigs developed equine gastric ulcer syndrome, Amanda wanted a natural long-term solution. She knew from her training that horses are foraging animals, with a natural eating cycle every 3 & 1/2 hours. But stabled horses, like Jigs, often aren't fed at night, and that can cause not only gastric ulcers but other health and behavioral issues. Amanda looked for a solution to drop a flake of hay at regular intervals, but found none that worked well for this specific problem.


And that led her to start Jigs & Co., an independent woman-owned business with a mission to help horses feed the way nature intended. 

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Dr. Amanda Getto

Founder and CEO,

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Clayton Solmen

Chief Operating Officer



Our inspiration

The Jigs & Co. Team

Equine Health Advisors


Dr. Hollie Schramm


Clinical Professor

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Dr. Nadia Saklou

Veterinarian, Myrtle Beach Equine Clinic;

PhD Graduate Student, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

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