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What our customers are saying


of mind"

"I highly recommend Jigs & Co’.s Haytime feeder! It is so easy to set up, the customer service is phenomenal, and I have so much peace of mind knowing that my horse will never have to go all day without hay!

Haytime is perfect for night feedings while you sleep or when you are away from your horse for an extended time during the day."

Haley B.


"Less hay

"I have a 25-year-old OTTB who is a hard keeper and ulcer prone but gets overwhelmed if he has too much hay, leading to waste. With the use of Haytime he gets smaller, spread-out feedings.

In turn, I've noticed less hay waste, him consistently grazing, and as an added bonus, keeping weight on easier!"

Colleen G.


"Durable and safe"

"I love the freedom Haytime has allowed me, I no longer need to rush home from evenings away to feed them, my Rocky Mountain Horse is less disruptive, and I’m most excited to avoid this feeding during the cold winter months.

The product is durable and safe for my horses, and I highly recommend Haytime to anyone."

Debbie S. .


to mischief"

"I am delighted with my Haytime feeder...Hotch is very playful, so I was worried he would be pushing buttons, messing up settings, opening doors, and sticking his head into it. However, much to my surprise, he hasn't displayed any of that behavior....


It has successfully solved the challenge of providing hay to my horse, and its resilience to his mischief is commendable. I would highly recommend it to everyone!"

Hayley P.


"Ulcer Free"

Taking the best care of our equine friends has always been a top priority for me. When I had a horse  diagnosed with ulcers I wanted to find a way to feed him hay during the wee hours of the night when no one was around. We are so happy with the product we got a second one for a horse that is bored overnight. We have noticed that these two horses don't waste their hay anymore(stalls are cleaner) and our horse that had ulcers is now ulcer free!


The product is durable, easy to use and the horses are not scared of the hay dropping out of it. I highly recommend this product !

Kate P.


"Prevents boredom"

“We’ve primarily used the feeders to prevent boredom and hay waste overnight & it has helped tremendously in both scenarios. The horse with boredom has stopped digging holes in his run overnight & the horse spreading/walking through/wasting hay has cleaned up every night since installing the feeder. 


Easy to use & operate. I would definitely recommend to anyone trying to keep from wasting hay or have a horse getting bored overnight.”

Emma P.


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