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A flake of hay every few hours

You choose the timing intervals by setting Haytime's timer. Then, load a flake of hay in each of the two holding bins, and at the pre-set times, a door on the bottom of Haytime will release the hay. Each bin has it's own door and timing, giving you two feedings. 

Haytime is perfect for night feedings while you sleep or when you are away from your horse for an extended time during the day.


Durable and Safe


Prototype shown. Actual product may differ. 

This is one tough feeder. Made from the same plastics commonly used in stables, it can withstand abuse. It's designed with soft rounded edges, and plastic that flexes. Unlike feeders made of sheet metal, this is safe and fits in a stall. Though designed for inside use, it is weather-resistant.

Haytime runs on AA lithium batteries. There are no large industrial batteries or electrical outlets, reducing the risk of electrical shocks and fire. And no need for expensive electricians or replacement batteries.It's also easy to install - just two screws and it hangs on a wall. Unlike some feeders, Haytime requires no electrical outlets or stall modifications. 

A better way to feed your horse

The alternatives are not great. Slow feeders limit hay intake by placing it behind plastic grates, metal bars, or mesh. This can cause stress for the horse, as it must work through obstacles to eat. Others only dispense pellets, which do not provide the same nutrients as hay. Haytime is a better solution for a healthier horse.

Image by Åsmund Gimre

More time and less worry


You love your horse. And you give it time, attention, and care. But when you sleep or are away for a few hours, you need a feeding solution that is healthy for your horse and lets you live your life.


Haytime gives you back time and flexibility in your schedule. But more than that, it reduces the worry and costs associated with equine digestive health issues


Available in early 2023


Licensed veterinarian discounts are available. Learn more. 

Apply for early access as a product tester  

Haytime is not yet available for purchase. However, we are providing a limited number of Haytime feeders, at a significantly discounted price, to veterinarians and horse owners willing to act as product testers. This program requires active use, feedback, and additional requirements. 

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